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Make a Mark With Our
Cutting-Edge Web App Development

At MWebWare we develop web applications for the custom business requirements of all our esteemed clients.

High-performing, intuitive and secure web applications that support business processes and serve users globally. We help our clients embrace the mobile-centric web reality into modern cross-platform applications.

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Modern web apps

We offer web app development services of any complexity for startups, mid-sized companies, and enterprises. Looking out for trends and latest technologies, we monitor performance and work towards continuous improvement and optimization of web products.

Web App to Support Your Business

Build a web application adjusted to your business domain and focused on your target audience’s pains.
To build a great e-Commerce app, you should add payment functionality (PayPal, Stripe), in-app communication (Socket.IO) and cloud infrastructure (AWS, Azure). The security of your customers’ data is achieved by SOC 1,2, & 3, PCI DSS level 1, ISO 27001, FIPS 140-2.
Website development services related to media brands should provide them with today’s technology gains (AR/VR, gamification) and features like real-time communication (WebRTC), audio and video streams (FFMPEG), and digital media protection (DRM).
When building an online marketplace, we implement payment operations (PayPal, Stripe), mapping (Google Maps, MapKit), in-app chatting (Socket.IO), etc. Your product gets validation of a user’s identity, data privacy (e.g. GDPR in EU), and transactions (PCI DSS).
We provide web application development services to build flexible ERP, HRM and CRM systems and meet your corporate needs. A secure, stable, and scalable (AWS) solution is a must, so we use proven technologies like Inspinia (admin template) to ensure the best performance.

Technologies for Advanced Web Apps

Without limiting your functional requirements, we use tools and services that ensure best user experience in your final product.
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Media Expertise
Live Streaming and OTT delivery
Video Processing
Content Distribution Networks
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E-commerce Expertise
AWS/Azure + .Net, JS, TypeScript
B2B and B2C business models
Payment Gateways (Stripe, Braintree, Adyen, PayPal)
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AWS Development Expertise
EC2 / S3 / Lambda / Elastic Beanstalk
Sealing and Security
Horizontal / Vertical Scaling
Serverless Architecture
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Big Data
Big data architecture design
Apache Spark and Hadoop
Hadoop ecosystem: HDFS, Hive, Pig, Impala, Oozie
Big Data Processing and Warehousing: EMR, Redshift
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Blockchain solutions
Frameworks: Ethereum, Hyperledger, R3 Corda
Smart contracts using PoW consensus
Byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT) algorithms
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Progressive web apps
React / Angular
Offline connectivity (Cache API)
PRPL Pattern
HTTP/2 + Server Push

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